Flat Tummy and Toned Abs!

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Ab Sculpt on the Stability Ball, is combined with Yoga Stretch for an awesome DVD combination workout!

After many requests, I put this popular class (that I teach), on dvd! The gals love that is hits the abs/core extra hard but also get the relaxing stretch after a rough week! We work deep into the core ab regions with a variety of exercises that can be done with or without the ball.

You get the flat tummy you always wanted and the toned, sleek abdominals you knew you had!

Workout info:
Ab Sculpt hits the abs from every angle! From crunch variations to side oblique lifts, the variety and options eliminate boredom and create a firm, tone mid-section!

Ab SculptĀ  is designed for all levels. There are many options for you to customize the workouts. This is a program you can use any time, for a long time, and have fun and get results!

The Difference:

The ball provides a deeper stretch that elongates the muscles. The best way to get the long, lean sculpted look! Get your tummy tighter today with Ab Sculpt & Yoga Stretch for Stability Ball! Check out the video previews below!

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P.S. Ball Sculpt 1: Nothing But the Ball is a great companion DVD to this workout!

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